ISSUE 3 - December 2011

NCEP Scholars (from left to right): Sapana (top middle) and Bipana (right) with their brother and mother; NCEP co-founders Luke and Sandeep; Sudeep with his mom and NCEP Nepal board member Roshan; new scholars; an empty school yard; new field volunteers



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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Above: Raju & friends, Below: Ambika

2011 has been a remarkable year for NCEP. Our dedicated team of Field Volunteers and Volunteer Tutors in Nepal has enabled us to provide more comprehensive support to our scholars, their families, and schools. The Alberta Chapter concluded a very successful 'One Child at a Time' campaign. And with talented new members and an ever-widening network of partners from Canada to Kathmandu, we are a stronger, more diverse organization, brimming with new ideas, and united by our commitment to a shared vision.

The perseverance of our scholars strengthens our own. Every day we see examples of how education empowers vulnerable families. Ambika reminded us of this when, against the odds, she graduated from secondary school and became NCEP's first alumnus. We believe that she can go as far as she wants to, and more importantly, she now believes that too.

None of this would be possible without you. Your support is the lifeblood of this organization, and our success is your success.

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22 students 22 stories

All thanks to you

NCEP Program Coordinator


Roshan K Bhatt, NCEP Nepal's Program Coordinator, leads our team of Field Volunteers. Every NCEP Scholar is matched with a Field Volunteer, who completes four Progress Reports each year - with input from the Scholar, parents/guardians, and teachers - and acts as a mentor and positive role model. Roshan's dedication to Nepal's future through education promotion is apparent.

"After I completed grade 10 in a small town in west Nepal, I came to Kathmandu to pursue further education," says Roshan. "I was lucky to have a kind-hearted uncle provided me with financial assistance. He loved me a lot and had a high belief that I will do great in my future."

"As a child, I formed 'The Rising Club' in my hometown to engage young people in creative works such as dancing, drawing, and painting. I also formed sports teams of football, cricket, and volleyball, and raised money to buy the playing kits. Later, in Kathmandu, I established a society at my college and initiated a series of Youth Motivation and Mobilization Campaigns."

"I wished to join the NCEP is because of its contribution to Nepalese children. I was greatly influenced by hearing that NCEP collects donations in Canada to educate all my little brothers and sisters here in Nepal."

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Age 11

Sarita & her mom

Sarita, a first year NCEP scholar, never left us in any doubt of her desire to attend school. Recognizing that her hard-working single mother with three children would not be able to afford her school fees for Grade 3, Sarita went out and found a job selling carrots by the roadside so that she could at least buy her books and uniform. We were truly amazed by the initiative taken by this 11 year old girl.

By providing Sarita and her equally dedicated younger sister Aayushma with an NCEP scholarship, we can help them continue to pursue the education that was quickly slipping from reach.

Sarita is shy and gentle by nature, with a smile so wide that it almost makes her eyes disappear. Both she and Aayushma have had regular attendance at school, and in her latest report card, Sarita ranked 10th out of 38 students in her class. While there are still areas where she needs to improve, it seems that no one can say enough good things about this young lady and her potential, and we are thrilled to help her seize an opportunity that she so truly deserves.

Sarita's Field Volunteer, Sanjay, recently sent us a letter about Sarita in addition to her Progress Reports. Dedicated volunteers like Sanjay help connect us - and you - with these wonderful children halfway across the world, and allow us to respond to their challenges.

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The Alberta Chapter of NCEP Canada launched the "One Child at a Time" Campaign in April, 2011. Volunteers were asked to come up with a unique way to raise a minimum of $200 each. This amount enables at least one child to go to school for a year and be given the support he/she requires to succeed. Each volunteer was equipped with a 'Canvasser Kit'.

From the sale of photo cards, to a toga party, to a pop bottle recycling initiative, this successful endeavour produced over $4,500 through creative fundraising events, and many new, energetic supporters and volunteers. Click here to read the full campaign summary.

On January 21, 2012, the Alberta Chapter will be hosting a small 'Thank You, from NCEP' party for everyone who made a significant contribution of time or money in 2011. This event will be an opportunity to inform people about NCEP, to celebrate the successes of 2011, and to make plans for upcoming NCEP events. Stay tuned for more details, and for news about similar plans in Toronto.

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We believe in creating sustainability without dependency

An NCEP Scholarship is a promise. We will never discontinue support for a student who meets the renewal criteria each year - except in extraordinary circumstances - and will not seek to add new students unless we are able to maintain this same level of commitment. When an NCEP scholar nears the completion of his/her secondary school, we will make every effort to enable the continued pursuit of his/her future aspirations.

Our model is designed to foster stability and sustainability through enablement without creating dependency. Education is a most valuable form of aid because it empowers people to help themselves, and this belief flows through every aspect of our organization.



From 1846 to 1950, Nepal was ruled by the oppressive Rana family. Fearing that an educated citizenry would be a threat to their rule, the Rana regime actively suppressed public education. Leading up to WWII, however, English middle and high schools were established for Nepal's Gurkha soldiers - the country's Armed Forces - who in turn opened the eyes of the wider communities to the importance of education.

In the 50 years after the fall of the Rana regime, there has been widespread advancement of educational facilities in Nepal. National literacy rose from 5% to 54% from 1954 to 2001 (Central Bureau of Statistics). Over that same span, the number of primary, secondary and upper secondary schools ballooned from 300 to 36 thousand.

Despite these vast improvements, there remain a number of social, cultural and structural barriers to education that deny access to thousands and thousands of children. For example, as of 2001, less than 1 in 2 females in Nepal are literate. Given the difficulty of capturing all the disparate, remote rural communities in the census - where education is less accessible - the actual numbers are likely lower.


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