Issue 4 - May 2012

NCEP Scholars (from left to right): Sapana (top middle) and Bipana (right) with their brother and mother; NCEP co-founders Luke and Sandeep; Sudeep with his mom and NCEP Nepal board member Roshan; new scholars; an empty school yard; new field volunteers


NCEP is a Registered Charity!

Raju's mom and other mom's enjoy their flowers

We are very pleased to announce that on May 4, 2012, NCEP was officially registered as a Charitable Organization. This is a major designation that we have worked hard to attain, with important implications. It means that we can now provide you, our donors, with Official Donation Receipts for Income Tax Purposes for all contributions of $20 or more. If you have made a donation since Jan 1, 2012, you are eligible for a receipt and will receive yours shortly.

Thanks so much for your incredible generosity in getting us here, and we hope this makes it a little easier for you to continue your support.

New school year in Nepal

The 2012-13 school year in Nepal began in April, and we have lots of good news to share:

  • Two of our scholars, Deepak and Prabhat, completed their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams last month, and are poised to join Ambika as the first of many NCEP alumni with bright futures.
  • All of our remaining 19 scholars passed their grade and have been renewed for the new school year. Many of them demonstrated steady improvement throughout the year, and some finished near or at the top of their class.
  • We have added five bright new scholars - 3 boys and 2 girls - this year, bringing our total to 24.
  • Our Nepal Field Volunteers this year consist of 36 passionate young leaders, who will meet in pairs with our scholars once a month.

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24 students 24 stories

All thanks to you

Age 15

Pawan (middle) with fellow NCEP scholars Raj (left) and Lalita (right)

Pawan (above, middle), has been an NCEP-funded scholar for the last 4 years. He perfectly demonstrates the importance of our Field Volunteer program and why simply providing funding is never enough. Bright and mischievous, his second Progress Report from this past school year showed strength in some subjects but that he was struggling in other courses, including Optional Math and Science.

Sameer, Pawan's Field Volunteer, submitted a request for NCEP volunteer tutoring for Pawan in his two weakest subjects.

In the next quarterly Progress Report, Pawan was no longer struggling in Science but was still having trouble in Optional Math, where there were "loads of formulae to mug up", as he said.

In the latest report Pawan is not only performing better in Optional Math, he is begining to develop a keen interest in the subject! This is a beautiful example of how our volunteers on the ground in Nepal can help us better identify areas where students are struggling and allow us to apply your donation where it is most needed.

Sameer noted that Pawan "feels it is important for him to complete his studies for his own brighter future." We're glad he sees it that way, too.


Field Volunteers display their certificates, with Raju, Bonnie, Roshan, and Sijan in the middle

During one of his visits with Pawan, Sameer learned that he is an avid chess player. The next time they met, Sameer brought Pawan a new chessboard as a gift. Pawan takes it with him everywhere.

This is another small example of how our Field Volunteers make a big difference.

We introduced our Field Volunteer program one year ago, and have been inspired by their desire to help their less fortunate brothers and sisters in Nepal go to school. By meeting regularly with each scholar, their teachers, and families, our FVs provide NCEP with an ever-evolving picture of our scholars' progress and well-being, and enable us to respond to their challenges. They act as big brothers/sisters and positive role models.

On May 30, a ceremony was held in Kathmandu to recognize our FVs who had completed a year of service. Each received a certificate, and was offered a letter of recommendation for their future pursuits. After the ceremony, they stayed and shared stories with the incoming FVs about the scholars they had come to know so well during the year.

We wish them all the very best, and hope they continue to flourish wherever they go.

Click here to learn about all 24 NCEP scholars


Food, Flowers, and Friends: NCEP's First Annual Picnic

New friends gather at the NCEP picnic. Sapana wields water balloon menacingly

On March 25, NCEP Co-Founder Raju and visiting Team Member Lorna organized a picnic for all our scholars and their families at Raju's home. Many members of the NCEP team attended, as did teachers, volunteers, and other supporters. The day was filled with many games, delicious food, donated gifts, a ceremony to honour the mothers of NCEP, and speeches, including one by Ambika, NCEP's first alumnus. As Lorna said, this event helped all in attendance to "see clearly that we are part of something... part of the NCEP family".

To read Lorna's full account with pictures, click here.

The Alex Thomas Haug Scholarship

Shortly after her trip to Nepal, tragedy struck Lorna's family when she lost her son, Alex. As a tribute to Alex and his family & friends, NCEP is establishing the Alex Thomas Haug Scholarship, to give a Nepali child who is truly on the brink a chance for a happy and healthy future in a safe, nurturing environment. We will provide more details of this Scholarship in our next Newsletter. Until then, our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with Lorna and her family.

Alex with parents Lorna and Phil and sister Cayley during happier times

NCEP Edmonton Member Published

Juhee & her PhD Supervisor, Dr. Frank Trovato

One of our passionate and committed volunteers has been published! Demographic and Epidemiological Transitions in Nepal: Developmental Implications by Juhee Suwal of NCEP's Edmonton Chapter (shown left with her PhD supervisor, Dr. Frank Trovato), was published by New Delhi, Adroit Publishers earlier this year.

Juhee celebrated the release with a Book Launch at the 22nd Annual Warren E. Kalbach Population Conference on March 16, 2012 at the Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta, in Edmonton.

The book is available in bookstores in Kathmandu. If you aren't in the area, the book is in circulation at the University of Victoria and the Lethbridge University libraries or you can purchase it online through K.K. Agencies.

Send us an email if you would like to get involved with NCEP as a volunteer!


We recognize that every child is unique.

We don't believe that success is measured purely in terms of grades. We collect feedback throughout the year from each scholar, their families, and all their teachers to get a complete understanding of the ways in which they excel - both in and out of the classroom - and areas where they are struggling. Through our Field Volunteers, Volunteer Tutors, and expanding network of contacts in Nepal, we help them overcome their barriers and seize new opportunities.


Nepal is embroiled in a state of political turmoil that has just turned worse. After the constituent assembly failed to agree upon Nepal's first democratic constitution to set the country's future by the May 27 deadline, political tensions have given rise to large-scale public protests and a controversial call by the Prime Minister for another election. The constitution was seen as critical to ending the instability that has gripped the country since the end of the decade-long Maoist insurgency in 2006 that led to the overthrow of the monarchy; instead, the country is now left with no legal government. The major point of dispute has been whether Nepal should be split into states based on ethnic divides.

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