Toronto Chapter

Jackie Strecker

Jacqueline Strecker has been a Research Awardee with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) for the past two years. She first worked with IDRC’s Peace, Conflict and Development Program, and is currently working with the Evaluation Unit. Jacqueline holds a M.A. in Communications and Culture from York and Ryerson University, in addition to a Graduate Diploma in Refugee and Migration Studies at York University.

Jacqueline has always been dedicated to increasing educational opportunities in fragile and under-developed states, and has assisted with the design of various projects. Her most recent research initiative examined ways of utilizing information communication technologies (ICTs) within educational programming in East African refugee camps. Jacqueline’s theoretical knowledge and field experience, as well as her multimedia design background, has enabled her to assist a variety of organizations including the World University Service of Canada, Windle Trust Kenya, FilmAid International, WarChild Canada, and NCEP.

Jacqueline joined the NCEP Canada Team in 2008 and has been happy to assist with a variety of design and campaign initiatives.