Board of Directors

Raju Tuladhar

Co-Founder, NCEP Nepal Director of Operations

A tapestry and sericulture teacher at the Nepal Srijanatmak Kala Guthi – the school he attended in his youth that takes in children who would otherwise not have access to education – Raju has lived in Kathmandu all his life. Attending the Kala Guthi left Raju with a deep appreciation of the value of education, and he has been committed to providing poor and orphaned children in Kathmandu with the same opportunity ever since. In addition to passing on his renowned abilities in tapestry-weaving to the students of the Kala Guthi, Raju has always set aside a portion of his income to pay the school fees of Kathmandu orphans.

Raju developed a lasting friendship with Luke Yorkden-Chamberlain and Sandeep Kembhavi during their stay at the Kala Guthi. Together, they interacted with students, explored the Kathmandu Valley, and went white water rafting and bungee jumping. In the autumn of the following year, Raju visited Canada for six months, where he garnered a great deal of acclaim from media and the artistic community for his beautiful tapestries and infectious enthusiasm.

While delivering talks at schools, and finding inspiration for new tapestries in Alberta’s vibrant canola fields, Raju was amazed by both the affluence and generosity of the many people he met across the country. This experience moved him to meet with Luke and Sandeep with the idea of raising funds in Canada to continue his lifelong pursuit of providing education for underprivileged children in Nepal, discussions which led to the formation of NCEP.

Raju leads the NCEP team in Nepal to provide on-the-ground support to our sponsored students, and provides his in-depth knowledge of education in Nepal to help develop NCEP’s operations.